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Madison Leigh--Tiktoker, Bookstagrammer

Madison Leigh, kind of like the villain in Charlie's Angels...

She's passionate about animals, art, and READING. She's currently pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. Madison loves to express her love of art through painting, tattooing, and makeup.


Brittany Weisrock

Author and avid book reader, Brittany has big goals. From becoming an author, bookstrammer, and LCP Creative and Acquisition Director--she's 100% devoted to this little press!

Tiktok @brittweisrock


Aggie--Tiktoker, Bookstagrammer

She/Her 🐺 BookToker 📚 Bookstammer 📸 Queer 🏳️‍🌈

Tiktok: @gutreadingtime


Yours Truly Book Services

Author Services & Promotions. Providing superior services to save you time and money and grow your brand as an author.


At Lake Country Press & Reviews we understand the importance of teamwork and a love of reading. We work to cultivate connections and opportunities for our Bookstagram, Booktok, and Twitter influencers as well as our authors. That's why we continue to put together a group of talented readers/influencers.


Shanté is a passionate reader from Philadelphia, PA, USA. She has a B.A. in Psychology and is a certified ESL instructor. She loves art, traveling and learning new languages. She's spent some time living in South Korea and absolutely loved it!

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Send us am email or come find us Twitter or Tiktok and drop us DM.

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Adelaide has been a lifelong lover of storytelling in all forms. A reader, filmmaker, photographer, and historian, she is drawn to fantasy, historical fiction, and adventure-inspired tales.

You can find bits of her daily life and keep up with what she is reading on her Instagram, or discover her humor and cinematography on Tiktok.

Follow Adelaide on Instagram and Tiktok.

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Ashley Sawyer
Bookstagrammer, Tiktoker, YouTuber

A lover of reading, reviewing, and proofreading, Ashley has a B.A. in Corporate & Organizational Communication and a Minor in Marketing. When not making bookish content, she’s probably cuddling with her Labradors, baking, or playing sims!

Follow Ashley on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Sophia//The UnWined Book Club

Literary Critic and Book Reviewer, Instagrammer

Follow Sophia on Instagram for all things bookish!

You can also peek at her Amazon picks. 

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Samantha Costanilla

Bookbinder, Proofreader, Formatter

Samantha loves fanfiction and books so much that she combined both by becoming an amateur fanfic bookbinder. She has bound nearly 250 volumes by hand since 2020. She also enjoys photography, learning new languages, and various arts and crafts.

Check out Samantha and her work on Instagram, Twitter, Titkok, Patreon, or her personal site. 

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Alyssa Puente

Instagrammer, Book Reviewer

Follow Alyssa on Instagram for her book reviews and photos!