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- Our Authors-

Allie Doherty
Jayme Phelps
Clare Carter
Kirsten Bohling
S. Reed
Ashley Merdalo
Beka Westrup
Brittany Weisrock
Ann Fox
Camri Kohler
-Our Books-

Love Liana, Sincerely Kade by Allie Doherty
Triad and Equinox by Brittany Weisrock
Devil's Intern by Jayme Phelps
Ace of Swords by Clare Carter
We'd Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling
There Goes The Neighborhood by S. Reed
Reign of Clans and Gods by Ashley Merdalo
Beneath the Bloody Aurora by Beka Westrup
The Blood Hours by Ann Fox
Peachy by Camri Kohler

About Lake Country Press

Lake Country Press is a new, independent publisher dedicated to putting out imaginative, fresh books. Our goal is to publish and promote books we believe in and stories you need to read.

We want to hear from all kinds of voices and feel diversity in books is essential to providing an inclusive and safe platform.

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Here at Lake Country Press or LCP, we believe in supporting authors. We feature books we've reviewed as readers, and have enjoyed!

As we move forward, each month we'll feature a book by traditional, indie, or self-published authors we loved!

Because at LCP building up others is one of our ground foundations.

If you'd like to request Brittany review your book you mail send an email inquiry.


Her time and reading schedule are highly limited.

All reviews are free and honest.

Paperback and Digital ARCs are acceptable.

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