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- Our Authors-

Allie Doherty
Jayme Phelps
Clare Carter
Kirsten Bohling
S. Reed
Ashley Merdalo
Beka Westrup
Ann H. Fox
Camri Kohler
Erin Mainord
Tristen Crone
Hazel Marie
Katrina Kwan
Juliet Bridges
Kit Karlsson
Jeremey Harrison
Kait DeMoney
Rae Valtera
Kayla Morton
Hannah Loraine
Haley Warrington
True Sloan
Brittany Weisrock
-Our Available and Upcoming Books-

Love, Liana... Sincerely, Kade by Allie Doherty 
Devil's Intern by Jayme Phelps
Ace of Swords by Clare Carter
We'd Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling
The Devil's Backbone by Kirsten Bohling
There Goes The Neighborhood by S. Reed

Appcidentally in Love by S. Reed
Reign of Clans and Gods by Ashley Merdalo
Beneath the Bloody Aurora by Beka Westrup
Song of Dark Tides by Beka Westrup
The Blood Hours by Ann Fox
Peachy by Camri Kohler
Pared (Peachy #2) by Camri Kohler
The Blood That Binds Us by Erin Mainord
The Bonds That Break Us (TBTBU #2) by Erin Mainord
Playing for Keeps by Tristen Crone
I Think Olive You by Tristen Crone
Under Locke & Key by Tristen Crone
Like Salt and Ash by Hazel Marie
First Edition Knives, Seasoning, and a Dash of Love by Katrina Kwan, now acquired by Penguin Random House
Sliding into Love by Juliet Bridges
Puck to the Heart by Juliet Bridges
Wanderer of the Wastes by Kit Karlsson
The Island of Forever by Jeremey Harrison
A Stirring from the Depths by Kait Waterhouse
Her Dark Grace by Rae Valtera
The Fractured Witch by Rae Valtera
Those Who Burn The Brightest by Kayla Morton
Seven Silenced by Kayla Morton
The Best Mess by Hannah Loraine
The Art of Chasing Chickens by Hannah Loraine
Faces on Frenchmen Street by Haley Warrington
Saccharine Serenade 
by Haley Warrington
Life's a Pitch by Haley Warrington
To Haunt and To Hold by True Sloan

Triad by Brittany Weisrock
Equinox (Triad #2) by Brittany Weisrock
Fate of the Damned 
by Brittany Weisrock

About Lake Country Press

Lake Country Press is an independent publisher dedicated to putting out imaginative, fresh books. Our goal is to publish and promote books we believe in and stories you want to read.

While small, and family-owned and operated, Lake Country Press & Reviews is Brittany and Bryan's dream realized. They promote a team environment with full transparency policies.

Feel free to contact us or reach out to our authors.

We want to hear from all kinds of voices and feel diversity in books is essential to providing an inclusive and safe platform.

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