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by Brittany Weisrock

Fans of Charlaine Harris and Jennifer L. Armentrout will LOVE Triad!



Athena Whiteridge, born into a powerful prophecy, along with her brothers, Anders and Atlas, form the Triad. Set to rule as Alpha of her pack, this wolf has a secret-Athena possesses abilities to manifest fire, capable of shifting into more than a mere wolf.


On a mission, Athena is rendered dumbstruck by an unsuspecting human, Kalen Ryan. All her strength and skills can't save her from falling for him. Except--wolves don't take humans mates. Without understanding their intense connection, the pair leave club Zephyr.


Forced to face a council of leaders and her family, Athena must explain how Kalen is beyond the Barrier and in the Unseen. In attempts to fend off concerns-Athena uncovers her father, Cyrus's deceit and treachery that runs deep.


The trouble is only beginning. . .


Join the Whiteridges, as they navigate betrayal, love, and battle an ancient evil in a race to save humanity and the Unseen

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Triad's darker sequel is here...

Athena and the Triad are back!

Xercarus, the blood demon, is dead


Kalen is lost, leaving Athena Whiteridge and her brothers, Anders and Atlas to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. The Triad has never been so fractured…


With the stability of the Unseen hanging in the balance, Athena must push on to ensure the Alliance remains intact, but with a missing mate, a pining vampire, and a former flame who’s hell-bent on dominating all humankind, her mission grows more complicated by the day.


Turns out, being a leader isn’t as black and white as Athena imagined and no one can hide from the truth—not even a Queen.


When Solstice goes awry and lies are uncovered, Athena is forced to learn that being an Alpha comes with a price….


Will Athena set aside her pride to reach Kalen in time and save both worlds, or will they all perish? 

Kirsten Bohling
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In a monochrome world, Brighton Evans is a splash of brilliant color.


She can see the world in its true, kaleidoscopic form—a privilege reserved for soulmates only after they’ve found their other halves. 


Knowing your soulmate when they come along should be easy, but Brighton can’t remember a time when she hasn’t seen in color. The past has her convinced that life is safer this way; she doesn’t need a soulmate. 


When Brighton meets a handsome, delightfully cheeky stranger, her carefully cultivated ‘happy enough’ crumbles as their meet-cute blossoms into true friendship. Cain Whitaker has soulmate written all over him.


With Cain by her side, Brighton sees the world as she never has before . . . until circumstance smothers her color and leaves her wondering: if timing is everything . . . is she too late?


Fans of bittersweet titles by Colleen Hoover and Jojo Moyes will have you invested in Brighton and Cain’s journey from the first page to the last.

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"Brimming with romance, bittersweet moments, and life lessons about missed opportunities and wasted time, WE’D KNOW BY THEN will appeal to readers of Jojo Moyes, Colleen Hoover, and Cecilia Ahern."


Anna Westfall is in her own personal Hell on Earth.


After making a deal with the Devil she's sentenced to a place where she is loathed by witches and warlocks for being soulless

When Anna ends up on house arrest for beating up a member of magical law enforcement, she’s had enough. All she wants is to go back to her old life, but as far as she knows, she’s stuck within the magical confines of the city, until a mysterious witch shows up at the bar with the answers she’s been looking for, but is undoing a deal with the Devil really that easy?


Not a chance...


Especially, when the Devil himself comes knocking on Anna’s door, and she’s forced to work with the reaper who took her soul. Everything gets more upside down and Anna is forced to decide between saving herself or letting the soul of her friend rot in the lower circles of Hell…


What’s a Devil’s Intern to do?

Colorful Houses

S. Reed
Author of horror hit--Kerwall Town


They say there are only five kinds of alien contact… 

But what if there is a sixth kind? 


Befriending one… 


Poppy Field Lane is the place to be in the 90’s. It’s a quiet, affluent New York suburb filled with a few eccentric residents. One in particular, Ignatius Feltrap.


Ignatius doesn’t abide by the snobbish rules of her cliché cul de sac, but when she stumbles upon the secret of a lifetime while walking on the beach…her life is thrown for an out of this world loop.

Turns out, extra-terrestrials are real. 


Enter Væson, a sassy alien on the run from their home planet. Væson has blended in for years, while trying to evade capture from their own evil government along with Earth’s mysterious agency until, of course, Ignatius and her trusty Labrador, Alfie, blunder upon them. It doesn’t take long for a once in a lifetime friendship to form, and Ignatius vows to protect Væson at any cost.

Can they solve the mystery of Ignatius’s late husband’s death before the alien government and Earth’s top secret one find where Væson is? And more importantly; can they do it before the annual Neighborhood Christmas Fete…

Green Leaves
Debut Author
Ashley Merdalo
What's more dangerous in the world of politics, love, or war?

On the island of Eiram, there were once four clans.

Four clans, four rings--now there are three...

Twenty years ago, invaders attacked Eiram, staking claim to a section of territory and massacring the people that lived along those bluffs. The only remnants of that clan are the few who hold on to the black iron rings of the Clan o' Cliffs. Survivors have since assimilated into their new homes, taking rings from their adopted regions: gold of the Mountain Clan, wintry silver of the Forest Clan, and the deep copper of the Clan Amongst the Rivers.

For now, there is peace…

Gifted with the power of foresight, Willa is a portal to the gods, her days and nights filled with prophecies and omens. Since the age of two, she has been trapped in an engagement arranged to maintain the balance of power across clans. Facing a loveless marriage, Willa struggles to reconcile the idea of benevolent gods with her own bleak future--until she meets

Dempsey on the night of Beltane, and they encounter evidence of the land's dwindling magic.

Heir to the Clan Amongst the Rivers, Dempsey is everything Willa's fiancé isn't. His shameless flirtations make her feel alive, and Willa can't help but feel drawn to the taste of freedom his power of storms gives her. Together, they realize the invaders are moving in again, threatening the stability of the clans and existence of the gods. It's up to Willa to step into her birthright and unite the clans if they're going to stand a chance at preventing conquest.

Coming November 2022
Donuts and Coffee

Coming September 2022

Debut Author

Allie Doherty

Meet Liana Dawson, a perpetually single romantic-advice blogger. She’s one set of granny-panties away from proclaiming herself New York City’s version of Bridget Jones when she’s hit with a fan-demand for sex advice. With an unwavering belief in love (and rom-com superiority), there’s no relationship problem Love, Liana can’t fix… until a fascinating, cocky, email paves the way to a whirlwind friendship that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about falling in love. 

Kade Jennings, the ass who wrote it. 

After writing into a popular blog to get some answers about whether love exists, Kade receives an offer he can’t refuse—one that throws his world of one-night stands, whiskey, and books into a tailspin at the hands of a woman he had no intention of ever meeting. 

Liana knows love, Kade knows sex. They could be each other’s perfect teacher… if they can keep their hands off one another long enough to learn.

Northern Lights

Clio Farren is a bride in pursuit of the perfect venue for her wedding. More than that, she’s searching for answers concerning her best friend’s sudden death a year ago. She believes Raðljóst Manor holds the key to figuring it out. When Clio shuts herself in with the owner during an Arctic freeze, she unravels more secrets than she expected to in both Nikolai’s manor and mind.

Nikolai Trousseau is an unlucky soul, bound to Earth for eternity after drinking a noxious tea millennia ago. He runs a hotel in the Arctic, where polar night liberates him three months each year. With his stash of demon blood running out and a beautiful, uniquely-scented woman poking around his manor, he may discover more thrumming through her veins than he bargained for.


Coming December 2022

Debut Author

Beka Westrup