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Books to keep you reading after midnight... 

You like spice. You want heat?

We have what you're looking for... seductive stories with characters you can't wait to explore.

LCP Midnight is our 18+ Imprint for Readers and Authors. This imprint is dedicated to fanning the dark & smutty romance flames. These books will be Kindle available and contain high spice levels.

All books will contain detailed content and trigger warnings to provide the best reader experience we can. 

Underground Club
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"HEART-POUNDING, BEAUTIFUL, AND DELICIOUSLY ADDICTING.I could not put this book down!"--Tristin Clark, author of A War Amongst The Stars

They craved her blood, then claimed her heart…

Valentina Reznov wants nothing more than to be out of her father, Erik’s shadow, and away from his research company Cylane Tech. She also knows something most do not–vampires exist.

But what she doesn’t know
is that the Faction, a secret and powerful elder generation of vampires, has put a hefty target on her back. They want her eliminated and they’re sending their most elite hunters to get the job done.

Kai, Fallon, and Wilder have an order--collect their bounty, whatever it takes. Valentina seems an all too easy mark, but when pleasure and passion begin to cloud their judgment, they find far more than they bargained for in a human heart. But crossing the Faction comes at a high cost and family secrets run deeper than they appear... and betrayal is everywhere.

Do Kai, Fallon, and Wilder want to keep Valentina from a fate worse than death? Or will they bring her down with every fatal kiss?

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