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Submission & Query

We are currently
to Submissions and Queries



Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, (contemporary, historical, dark, paranormal, essentially all romance sub-genres), Gothic Horror, Chick-Lit/RomComs

New Adult-Adult categories, however, will consider exceptional Young Adult manuscripts or ones with 

New Adult crossover appeal for our new YA imprint,

Lake Country Press TEEN.

Lake Country Press MIDNIGHT

LCP Midnight is our Kindle Unlimited 

18+ ONLY spicy imprint. All books require content/trigger warnings.

Genres for LCP Midnight:

Fantasy Romance, Monster Romance, Bully Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Erotica

We Do Not Accept:

Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Poetry, How-To's, Middle Grade, Children's Books, Novellas, or Short Stories

Are we the right publisher for you?

Let's check!

-During editing you will receive critiques from the publisher or editorial team. This process is to help put out the best book we can. If you struggle to take constructive criticism, we may not be the right fit.

-We don't publish your genre.


To Query Lake Country Press please make sure you have the following:

-Query Letter (tell us a little about you. You're more than just a submission to us. You're a person.)


-First THREE Chapters of your Completed and Polished Manuscript

**Please use Word or a PDF for your chapters

-Please include

Content or Trigger Warnings

that might be necessary. There is a person reading the queries and we like to keep their emotional safety in mind.

-If you'd like to include your preferred pronouns, so we may respond to you in a fashion you feel most comfortable with--great!

-Address your email:

Submission Attn: Brittany (and your manuscript's Genre)


Query Thoughts

Keep in mind we are a small publisher, meaning we can only accept a few authors each season to give them the attention they deserve.

That said, we will have to pass on many manuscripts.

Please do not let that deter you.

Keep writing.

Your words matter.

Brittany will do her best to personally read and consider each query. She will also try to respond thoughtfully to each one, however, if time does not permit, and it has been four weeks or more--assume we will not be requesting a full manuscript or offering a contract for publication.

If we have requested a full and it has been four weeks or more you may also assume we will not be offering a contract for publication.

You may nudge us or inquire if you may resubmit in future, but do so politely.

We do work full-time outside of LCP and have a lovely daughter and three kooky cats to care for. 

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