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Clare started writing when she was around eleven. Of course, the first time she put pen to paper she wrote such eloquence as Warriors fanfiction, a book she claimed was original but was in reality LoTR fanfiction, and of course, an epic fantasy tale that was really just an excuse to write fanfiction about her and her friends. 

Clare graduated from Virginia Tech in the Cursed Year of 2020. She majored in Creative Writing and Professional/Technical Writing, and minored in Classical Studies (which is basically a fancy name for Greek Mythology). She lives in Richmond, Virginia. Some of her favorite things to do are watch movies with Hugh Jackman in them, play Dragon Age, and–of course–plan thousands of stories without ever actually completing any of them. 

Jayme Phelps is a wife and mother of three awesome boys who are her biggest fans and greatest support system in following her dreams. Jayme is accomplished in more than just storytelling; she's the proud holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Signed Language Interpreting from the University of New Mexico. She grew up with her nose stuck in a book because there are no better adventures than the ones she's found on the page. She now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she writes every chance she gets. Jayme loves bringing her own adventures to life and sharing them with others. 

Kirsten Bohling

Wife. Mom. Wrangler of corgis. Self-declared real-life Poison Ivy and more than a little plant-obsessed. As a kid, she spent unforgettable Michigan summers foot-to-foot with her grandmother, reading the day away. A long-time student of heartbreaking romance, Kirsten joyously cut her teeth writing lots and lots of fan fiction.

When she isn’t spinning stories and jumping genres, Kirsten can be found playfully heckling batters at Mariners games, making mediocre crochet, and knocking things over with her lightsaber. She lives in Seattle with her husband and three smallish-humans.

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Author of Adult Fantasy Romance--
We'd Know By Then

S. Reed

S. Reed has written for the stage - writing numerous comedy plays and seen them performed in local theatres. He has also written for film too, mainly in the horror genre, including writing a feature film from one of Stephen King’s short stories.

Most recently, he has been scaring his readers all over the world with his debut novel, Kerwall Town, which was number two in British Horror Fiction.

Reed likes to write in different genres and is crafting an interlinking universe with all his novels, so make sure to keep an eye out and pay special attention to the subtle detail he puts into his novels.

When Reed isn’t writing, he’s reading… anything he can get his hands on. And to unwind, he loves watching movies and tv shows with his fiancé and family and their lovable cat and dog.

Reed and his fiancé also love travelling, especially to castles and places brimming with history. Reed particularly loves places that have a spooky edge.

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Man on Computer
S. Reed Author of Science Fiction Comedy and Horror--
There Goes The Neighborhood
Kerwall Town

Brittany Weisrock

Brittany Weisrock is not only the founder and part-owner of Lake Country Press & Reviews, she's an accomplished writer. 

Her debut paranormal romance, Triad is in transition and soon to be an LCP publication, along with Triad's spicy sequel--Equinox

We look forward to bringing both these romantic fantasy titles to readers in the near future!

An OG bookworm, Brittany loves nothing more than getting lost in fantasy worlds! 

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Author of New Adult Paranormal Romance--Triad and Equinox

Allie Doherty

Allie Doherty is our in-house proofreader and assistant developmental editor. In addition to her technical skills, Allie writes romance for the lovers of the enemies to lovers trope. A resident of the UK, Allie has an undeniable British lilt that is beyond charming and brings that same charm and more to all her writing. You can expect to read Allie's debut YA RomCom--The Heartbreak Game in 2022

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Author of YA Romance Comedy--
The Heartbreak Games

Ashley Merdalo

Author of Adult Fantasy--Reign of Clans and Gods

Ashley is obsessed with storytelling: written, on the screen, or word of mouth. Daydreaming in the middle of the pandemic about her time abroad in Cork, Ireland led to her first attempt at a manuscript. This passion project resulted in her debut novel Reign of Clans and Gods publishing November 22, 2022. 

    A student of history and political science, telling the dramatics of government and power calls her name. When not with her laptop, you can find Ashley wrangling her dog or re-watching her favorite TV series. Ashley resides in Arlington, Virginia with her boyfriend, but also calls Boston and Southern California home. 

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Beka Westrup

Author of Adult Romance Fantasy--

Beneath the Bloody Aurora

Beka Westrup lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two sons. Her love of storytelling can be traced back to a half-baked mermaid book written on a neon green, 90’s iMac (you know the ones) in middle school. Nowadays, when not writing or reading magical romances like a ravenous black hole, she can be found at home rewatching The Office for the millionth time or sitting in her favorite coffee shop drive-through, performing as a backup dancer to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album.

Beka's debut fantasy romance--Beneath the Bloody Aurora arrives December 2022

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An east coast girl at heart, Ann ventured west a few years ago with her husband, settling at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. When not reading fantasy novels (especially those with dragons!), she spends her days discussing books with her best friend, playing video games with a cat curled in her lap, and arguing with fictional characters about what's happening in her latest work in progress. For her, the true magic of writing is crafting an entire world by putting words on a page. Her favorite stories are the brutal ones that make your heartache for the characters, which is reflected in her debut novel,

The Blood Hours, scheduled for release in 2023. 

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Ann Fox

Author of Dark Adult Fantasy
The Blood Hours