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Lake Country Press 


We are excited to offer YA selections for those who enjoy reading the young adult category.

All books under LCP Teen will focus on the upper level of Young Adult.

Jeremey Harrison 
The Island of Forever
June 2024

Kayla Morton

Those Who Burn the Brightest
May 2025

Clare Carter

Ace of Swords

Raja Ampat island

Seventeen-year-old Max Greenfell grew up hearing stories about the Island of Forever—a beautiful paradise of intrigue and magic that was once controlled by a destructive shapeshifter who killed everything in his path. When monsters roamed its sandy shores, and the island’s magic began to dwindle, a hero emerged to overcome the evil and restore the land.

But all good stories have an end—and fairy tales are just that—or so he thought.

When a strange storm sweeps through his town, Max finds himself washed upon the shores of the fabled utopia. Faced with bullying and overwhelming anxiety at school, he finds solace in the island's allure, creating a better reality to confront. But his arrival has disrupted the world’s balance, threatening to unleash the shapeshifter once more. 

With help from a snarky merman and a pistol-wielding fairy, Max must embark on a dangerous adventure to ensure the island’s safety. Returning home will be a challenging journey, requiring him to confront his deepest emotions, confide in his closest allies, and survive an encounter with his greatest foe: himself.

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Cover Designed by M.E Morgan
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