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How it Works

Here at Lake Country Press or LCP, we believe in supporting authors. We feature books we've reviewed as readers, and have enjoyed!

As we move forward, each month we'll try to feature a book by traditional, indie, or self-published authors we loved--because at LCP building up others is one of our ground foundations.

If you'd like to request Brittany or one of the other authors to review your book you may send an email inquiry.

Their time and reading schedules are highly limited.

All reviews are free and honest.

Paperback and Digital copies are acceptable.

5 Star Read

Review from Brittany Weisrock


*Contains SPOILERS*

I'm going to start with Dark Fantasy/Romance isn't for everyone, but when Author's Notes and TW are provided I can decide if a story or a fantasy is something I might enjoy reading. I go into these books with an open mind and not looking to overly critique every aspect because it's simply to provide literary escapism. A fictitious world and fantasy, no more, no less.

That said, check the
Trigger Warnings the author provides, make sure you're comfortable.

Emily McIntire did not disappoint me. I'd read
Hooked previously, which I enjoyed, but I found I actually liked Scarred a tad better. It felt more fleshed out and she took time to create a slow burn, a tangible tension. We all know enemies to lovers is such a fun trope.

For some reason, I did not expect more period piece, but I did enjoy that aspect. It made more sense to me, to have a King and Princes in a dated time.

Prince Tristan, the Scarred Prince. Where do we begin? His dialogue was sharp and questioning, often taunting, and I found it amusing. I can honestly say I enjoyed his character immensely, and how he wasn't truly the 'villain'.

Sara B. gave me Outer Banks flashbacks. I couldn't help but think of John B. in my head from time to time. I did enjoy that Sara wasn't your typical damsel in distress. She came in with a plan and had ways to execute said plan--Kill the King, whom we find out immediately she is set to marry, but oh, not Tristan, his brother, Michael... Michael as it turns out isn't a nice human. 

I loved the flip that the Scarred Price/Scar/Tristan wasn't actually the "villain" it was the Mufasa character, Michael. It was fun to see this Lion King vibe used elsewhere.

I also enjoyed the ending--it was sweet and tied the book and characters together. 

Book Reviewer

One Book More

Lake Country Press & Reviews loves Julie and her reviews!

We're excited to feature her and her blog.

She's incredibly fair and honest, offering readers insight into the books she reads.

We're delighted to work with such a lovely reader and talented blogger!

Click below to head over to Julie's website and take a peek at her in-depth reviews.

Julie's Book Reviews

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