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Lesser Known Monsters
Author: Rory Michaelson

5 Star Read


To say I enjoyed this book tremendously would be a disservice to the laughs and unattractive snorting I got from so many pages. 
This dark queer fantasy is a GEM and I highly recommend it. In addition to its queer community representation, this book checked absolutely ALL the boxes for me in a five-star read!

Lesser Known Monsters snagged my attention at the beginning and didn't let go.

"A hedgehog in a condom factory."
"A fart in a colander."

When an author opens a book with comparisons like this, they have my attention!

From the first page, Oscar is relatable. He isn't badass, or overly brave. He's described as average and in most ways, he is. There's something enjoyable about reading a character who can't always save the day or isn't the coolest. I loved Oscar's small growths throughout the story and him finally giving way to saying what he wants and needs.

Zara and Marcus made me laugh! From their dialogue to their takes on the situation they get into--it's humorous. Well done on delivering consistent wit. smartass. I love it!

"Yeah, and on the minus side you fell down a hole, wanker"--Zara
"Jesus, Marcus. Can you keep it in your pants?"--Zara
"Not even a little." --Marcus

"He wants us to meet... one of his friends," Oscar said.
"Frankenstein?" Zara replied...

"What part of the spectrum do you fall on? Zara asked darkly. "Ghost? Wolfman? Vampire? Magical flying hell witch with snake hair?"--Zara

I really loved the TAXONOMY OF MONSTERS between chapters. They were formatted beautifully and highly enjoyable. I feel they contributed well to the world-building and story Michaelson was telling.
Also, I don't know what it is, but I love a book that's split into chapters and parts.

Let me take a hot second to talk about Dimitri, whom I was convinced at first was a child-murdering psycho! Turns out, Dimitri is damn near my favorite character. Dimitri isn't from the natural world and that pheromone business has me curious. Where do I get some? He brings this kindness and that protective vibe I adored. I can completely understand Oscar's occasional bashfulness around him. The whole Oscar/Dimitri dynamic was lovely and their scenes together ranged from awkwardly adorable to spicier *chef's kiss*
"Lubite" = beloved and that is too sweet! AHH!
"I will pull the moon from the sky to guide my way back. I would tear the earth in two to find you."--Dimitri 
*don't mind me, I'm just melting over that dialogue...*

The cemetery sketch at the back of the is endearing and fits the whole book's vibe, along with a 
"Go on then, bugger off!" illustration at the very end. I could honestly go on about why I adored this book, but I'm barely avoiding spoilers as it is.
Just read it.

Can't wait to read Bone Gate. Rory Michaelson will be an instant click author for me from now on!
Well f*cking done!

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